Head of UKÄ

Anders Söderholm is Director General of the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ).

Anders Söderholm, Director General at UKÄ

Anders Söderholm is a professor of business administration. He started his position at UKÄ in August 2017. Anders Söderholm is well known in the Swedish higher education sector, as he has been vice-chancellor at Umeå School of Business and Economics and Mid Sweden University. Previously, he also participated in the UKÄ Advisory Council, where members are appointed by the Government. Most recently he was the Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Higher Education.

"My ambition is to maintain and continue to develop good cooperation between UKÄ and the higher edication institutions" says Anders Söderholm.

As vice-chancellor at Mid Sweden University, Anders Söderholm was engaged in advisory groups in the development of UKÄ's new quality assurance system for higher education.

"The development of quality assurance systems for education and for research are priority areas. The legal supervision as well as analysing the operations of higher education institutions are other main areas that continuously support the development of Swedish HEIs", says Anders Söderholm.