Get to know our new Director General

Anders Söderholm is enjoying and looking forward to an exciting task as new Director General of the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ.

Anders Söderholm, new Director General at UKÄ. Photo: Eva Dalin

Anders Söderholm, new Director General at UKÄ. Photo: Eva Dalin

I hope that my analytical ability combined with an honest passion for these kind of questions and for the importance of higher education policies and what they mean for society at large may make a contribution. I am looking forward to an exciting task!

The new Director General is Professor of Business Administration and recently held a position as Secretary General of the Association of Swedish Higher Education. Some of Anders Söderholm’s previous positions are Vice-Chancellor of the Mid Sweden University and Head of the School of Economics at Umeå University. He has also been part of the UKÄ’s Advisory Council.

High integrity combined with close dialogue

The strength of UKÄ, according to Anders Söderholm and something that he particularly cares about, is the competence of its employees and their ability to combine high integrity with an active and close dialogue with the HEIs.

I have worked for a long time in the higher education sector and I am closely familiar with the issues and concerns that the UKÄ now is in charge of, which give me a good understanding of the UKÄ mission, says Anders Söderholm.