An extensive evaluation period has come to an end

During the last three years, some 2100 programmes and courses have been evaluated on the basis of how well they fulfil the requirements laid down in the Higher Education Act.

Higher education in Sweden must maintain a high standard. This is important for students, employers and society at large. UKÄ (Swedish Higher Education Authority) has the task of evaluating all higher education and assess to what extent the learning outcomes achieved by the students correspond to the intended learning outcomes.

External assessors

This is done by panels of external assessors, which include subject experts, students and representatives of the labour market. During 2011-2014 some 1300 external assessors were contracted by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. The outcomes of the evaluations are displayed in the diagrams below.

”There has been extensive work involved, both for the higher education institutions, the assessors and us”, says Karin Järplid Linde, acting head of The Department of Quality Assurance.

”Institutions with courses or programmes whose quality has been disputed have taken the evaluations seriously and either chosen to improve or close down the given course or programme.”

Those that are assessed as having inadequate quality are reviewed within one year. During this last period Swedish Higher Education Authority has not decided to revoke any entitlements to award a qualification.

”However we are still waiting to review the courses that were assessed as having inadequate quality in 2014”, Karin Järplid Linde says.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority will now analyse this last evaluation period and develop a new system for quality assurance.