New head of the department of quality assurance

Karin Järplid Linde, new Head of Department, has long experience of working with quality assurance at UKÄ (Swedish Higher Education Authority).

”I am very committed to the task of evaluating all higher education in Sweden to make sure that it maintains a high standard”, says Karin Järplid Linde.

She has always been interested in international issues and has both studied abroad and worked for international organisations. Today she and the whole Department of Quality Assurance play an active role in international cooperation within higher education, particularly in Europe.

Karin Järplid Linde. Photo by: Melker Dahlstrand

Karin Järplid Linde. Photo by: Melker Dahlstrand

International cooperation

”Through active international cooperation, the Swedish Higher Education Authority can encourage and facilitate the internationalization of higher education institutions”, says Karin Järplid Linde.