Student input important for the development of Swedish higher education

UKÄ (Swedish Higher Education Authority) is carrying out a major survey on what students and postgraduates think of their education, the so-called Student and Postgraduate Student Mirror.

All higher education institutions are included in the survey. The aim is to collect data on how students and postgraduate students perceive their studies and their study situation.

The students' views are important for the development of Swedish higher education. Many universities and university colleges conduct their own student surveys, but we want to get a national overview. The result can also be broken down at the institutional level and educational area level, enabling more comparisons. In this way, we hope to provide input to the higher education institutions’ efforts to develop their programs, says Anette Gröjer, Project Manager at Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Survey findings basis for decision-makers

In addition to the universities and university colleges, the survey results will also be disseminated to the Government, student unions, politicians and other decision-makers, enabling them to get a picture of what students and PhD students in Sweden think about their education.

The predecessor of Swedish Higher Education Authority, the National Agency for Higher Education, has previously conducted two rounds of Student and Postgraduate Student Mirrors. This survey will be designed in a way that makes it possible to make connections and comparisons over time.

Questionnaires sent out this autumn

The survey will go out to some 11,000 students and 10,000 postgraduates during the autumn of 2015. Those participating are in the third term of their education.

We hope many will take the time to answer the questionnaire and contribute to the development of Swedish higher education. The final result will be presented in the autumn of 2016 and spring 2017, concludes Anette Gröjer.