Our strategy - now in English

According to its new strategy, “Swedish Higher Education Authority will be the acknowledged source of information on higher education” and ”provide results that are valuable for the higher education sector.”

The new strategy Developmental Monitoring - assuring Sweden's status as a knowledge society has a five-year perspective, which University Chancellor Harriet Wallberg believes is necessary.

"We are intentionally restructuring our work to be as useful to the sector as possible in this time of rapid changes. Internally, we will to an even larger degree make efforts to utilize our full potential and to do so, we need to make sure that our employees can see in which direction we should go."

In the process of creating the strategy, Swedish Higher Education Authority commissioned two studies with the closest stakeholders, in order to determine how the authiority is perceived and what the sector requests from it.

It was encouraging to us that the survey showed great confidence in us within the sector. We are considered to be serious and credible, which is very positive. We have also seen that we need to be clearer and more focused on collaboration, says Harriet Wallberg.

The strategy was adopted in November 2015 and is now available in English.

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