UKÄ has followed up the per capita funding for higher education

The way courses are classified determines the per capita funding to Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs). The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has been tasked by the Government to examine how courses are classified at HEIs, if the classifications have changed over time and if they are similar within and between HEIs.

The assignment was reported on 1 March 2017 in the report Follow-up of per capita funding for higher education.

‘It is suprising that the differences in this area are small considering the near complete lack of instructions. We would like, however, for universities and university colleges to have better support in their efforts with, among other things, course classifications. For this reason, we are suggesting to the Government that we be given an assignment that includes the UKÄ following up whether universities and university colleges have up-to-date policy documents, functioning routines and that they follow up their own course classifications’, says Annika Pontén, acting head of UKÄ.

The per capita funding linked to course classifications is a part of the management and resource allocation system for HEIs. The Government has indicated that the system will be reviewed and UKÄ’s report is part of the documentation that will be used in this effort.