ENQA's site visit online at UKÄ this week

This week, ENQA is conducting a site visit as part of its review of UKÄ for ENQA membership.

During this week, an assessment group of experts from different European countries are interviewing vice-chancellors, HEI quality coordinators, assessors, the Ministry of Education, UKÄ's various reference groups and UKÄ’s Advisory Council, among others, as well as UKÄ management and staff. The site visit is carried out completely online for the first time.

Review based on self-assessment and interviews

The assessors base their review on UKÄ's self-assessment report, interviews and a large number of supplementary documents that reflect UKÄ's activities in general and the external quality assurance system in particular.

- We have made great efforts to be able to reach a recognition of our external quality assurance system based on the requirements set by ESG, says Director General Anders Söderholm. We eventually look forward to the ENQA experts’ report, which we hope will make a valuable contribution to our own business development and our work to support the higher education institutions' quality work.

Karin Järplid Linde, Head of the Department of Quality Assurance, emphasises the importance of being reviewed from the outside.

- Quality assurance of higher education and research operates in an international context, and it will be both useful and exciting to take part of the picture ENQA's assessment group draws of UKÄ as a quality assurance body, says Karin Järplid Linde.

The fact that the site visit is carried out online is a particular challenge, both for ENQA and UKÄ. - The technical platforms have worked fantastically well, and it is clear that both the higher education institutions and UKÄ have learnt the lessons from arranging and participating in digital meetings over the past year, says Ulf Hedbjörk, project manager for UKÄ's application for membership in ENQA.

Decision in December

In December, the ENQA Board is expected to make a decision on membership for UKÄ. ENQA's review of UKÄ will also form the basis for the Agency's application to be registered on the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education, EQAR.

Read UKÄ's self-assessment here. Pdf, 3.3 MB.