The symbol shows the three main tasks for the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ): evaluation of the quality of higher education, responsibility for official statistics and to monitor that universities and university colleges follow laws and regulations. The logotype is also a symbol for knowledge, integrety and rule of law.

EPS format for print

Vector based graphic, possible to increase the size. Color model: CMYK. To be used for printed materials.

Download the logotype as an eps

JPG format for online use

Pixel based graphic. Fixed size. Color model: sRGB. To be used for screen/online publishing. Resolution: 300 dpi.

Download the logotype as a jpg

How to handle the logotype

It is not allowed to create new versions or distort the logotype. Its smallest size is 45 mm's, in order to ensure that the text in the logotype is always readable.

The letter U in the image shows the free zone (space) that the logotype should be surrounded with. The purpose of this free zone is to ensure that the logotype is always easily identified.

Free zone/space to be applies around the logotype

For other versions of the logotype or questions about its use, you are most welcome to contact the Department of Communications at registrator@uka.se