Student mirror: 9 out of 10 are satisfied with their education

Most students (91 per cent) within Swedish higher education rate their education as good or very good.

Student mirror 2016

The purpose of the Student mirror is to identify student perceptions and attitudes towards a range of aspects related to the quality of education, both within and outside their immediate educational situation.

The survey was sent out in 2016 to 11,031 students who had completed at least two semesters of study. 3,769 responded, representing a response rate of 34 per cent.

We hope the results of the survey will lead to discussions about which conditions for the students that might need to improve, says Annika Pontén, deputy Head of Swedish Higher Education Authority.

A brief summary of the survey

  • The students in the Student mirror survey indicate that they spend an average of 36 hours a week on study-related activities, i.e., teacher-led instruction, self-study and group work.
  • On average, students have 12 hours of classroom instruction per week, but the number varies between different subjects.
  • Almost a quarter of students (23 per cent) feel that their studies place high demands on them, while 17 per cent feel that the requirements are too low. Thirty per cent feel that the rate of study is too quick.
  • 44 per cent say they now have a greater understanding of the cultural differences between men and women.
  • 87 per cent of the respondents report that their education has contributed to increased general knowledge, while 48 per cent say that the education contributed to becoming involved in community issues.
  • A majority (67 per cent) responded that they received information about the option of studying abroad as part of their education, and 58 per cent felt that their study environment is international.

The Student mirror 2016 is the third survey of its kind. Similar surveys were conducted in 2002 and 2007 by the Swedish Higher Education Authority predecessor, the National Agency for Higher Education.