EUROMA – critical factors for achieving high quality in master programmes

UKÄ has participated in the Norwegian project EUROMA. The project has identified critical factors for achieving high quality in master programmes.

In September 2014, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research commissioned NOKUT to develop and carry out a pilot project to compare the quality of Norwegian master degree programmes with similar programmes in other European countries.

The project was termed EUROMA – master programme education in a European context.

NOKUT has carried out the pilot project in collaboration with NOKUT’s sister organisations in the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and Sweden (UKÄ), international expert panels, and participating programmes in two subject fields, Economics and Molecular Biology, from universities in the Netherlands and Flanders, Sweden, and Norway.

Two goals

The project had two overarching goals: first, to develop and test a methodology to identify subject-specific critical factors for achieving high quality in education at the master programme level; second, to facilitate quality enhancement through discussions and sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practice between participating programmes.