Assessment of gender equality in
third-cycle programmes

This report looks at how UKÄ assessed and described gender equality in evaluations of third-cycle programmes during the period 2016–2018.

The report is aimed at individuals interested in UKÄ’s evaluations, such as at Swedish higher education institutions. UKÄ can conclude that improvements are needed in how gender equality is included in UKÄ’s reviews. For example, we see that gender equality is interpreted differently by different assessment panels and higher education institutions (HEIs). We also need to review how guidelines and instructions are formulated around gender equality.

Of 95 evaluated programmes, six were judged not satisfactory within gender equality and an additional 24 programmes were judged to have weaknesses even if the area as a whole was judged satisfactory. There are significant variations between the different research subjects. Some subjects may have come farther in their work of integrating gender equality in their programmes. But as the report shows, the method may have also influenced the outcome to some degree.