Guidelines for following up reviews of HEIs’ quality assurance processes

These guidelines apply to the follow-up of higher education institutions (HEI) that received the assessment approved quality assurance processes with reservations or quality assurance processes under review, in the regular reviews of HEI quality assurance processes which UKÄ conducts.

UKÄ’s reviews focus on assessing whether the HEIs’ quality assurance processes systematically and effectively help ensure and enhance the quality of courses and programmes at all educational levels. The review focuses on the continuous improvement of courses and programmes and on whether the information generated as a result of follow-up and evaluation leads to appropriate improvement measures. The HEI is to report on the measures it has taken and UKÄ appoints an assessment panel to follow up these measures. The amount of time the HEI is given to report on measures taken depends on whether the HEI was given the assessment approved with reservations, or under review.

The follow-up focuses on the assessment criteria assessed as not fulfilled and the assessment areas judged as not satisfactory. The follow-up review can include both supplemental supporting material, and interviews may be conducted, primarily through online tools.

If the follow-up review leads to a positive assessment from the assessment panel, the HEI’s quality assurance processes can be approved in their entirety by UKÄ. If the HEI’s quality assurance processes are not approved, no additional follow-ups will be conducted. An HEI that continues to be under review after the follow-up will go through additional programme evaluations.