Increase in number of applicants to higher education in 2014

A total of 425 000 people in Sweden applied to programmes and courses at Swedish universities and institutions of higher education in autumn 2014. This is an increase of 3 per cent compared to the autumn of 2013.

243,000 applicants admitted

A total of 243,000 applicants were admitted, which is an increase compared to the previous autumn. However, the share of applying students without previous higher education who were admitted is decreasing.

Of the 135 000 people without previous higher education studies who applied prior to autumn 2014, only 43 per cent were accepted.

Out of the total number of applicants, 62 per cent were women and 38 per cent were men. Of those admitted, 56 per cent were women and 44 per cent were men.

Most of the qualified first-choice applicants applied to programmes specialising in social science, law, trade and administration, followed by healthcare and medical services and social work, technology and manufacturing, as well as teaching methodology and teacher training.

The greatest competition however is for the psychology and veterinary science programmes.