Fewer students but more qualifications awarded in 2013/14

The number of higher education (HE) entrants and students registered in first and second-cycle courses and programmes continued to drop in the academic year of 2013/14. Approximately 65,000 students were awarded a qualification, which was the highest number ever.

The number of students declined to 406,000 in the academic year of 2013/14, which is 8,400 fewer than the previous academic year.

Among the Swedish HE entrants, 65 per cent were younger than age 22 in the academic year of 2013/14, 1 percentage point higher than the previous academic year, and 9 percentage points higher than ten years earlier.

Compared with the previous academic year, the number of students who received a qualification increased with 2,300. The decline in number of HE entrants has thus not yet affected the number of qualifications awarded.