Large increase in the number of paying students in 2015

In 2015 there was an increase of 970 full-time paying students from outside the EEA and Switzerland, making the total number 4,070, which is an increase of 31 per cent compared to the previous year.

Since 2011, students from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who study in Sweden pay tuition fees if they are not participating in academic exchange programs.

Universities of technology had the largest increase

According to a new analysis, based on the 2015 annual reports of Swedish higher education institutions, the largest increase was at the universities of technology.

In 2015 all institutions covered by the analysis, except the Swedish Defence University, had at least one paying student and at all universities except three, the number increased during the year.

Language requirements and tutition fees caused decrease

At the University of Gävle, the Royal Institute of Art and the Stockholm University of the Arts, the number of paying full-time students decreased in 2015. According to the annual report of the University of Gävle, the decrease is due to the increased language requirements. The Royal Institute of Art writes in its annual report that the tuition fees of nearly 300,000 SEK per academic year make it difficult to recruit international students.

580 paying students at Lund University

Lund University had the largest number of paying full-time students (580), followed by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (571), Chalmers University of Technology (413), Uppsala University and the Blekinge Institute of Technology, each with 305 paying full-time students.

The tuition-fee financed activities at Swedish HEIs are continuously growing but remain modest. The 4,070 paying full-time students in 2015 represent 1.4 per cent of the volume of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.