Mission of HEIs

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are to conduct education that rests on a scholarly and artistic basis as well as proven experience, according to the Higher Education Act (1992:1434). HEIs are also to carry out research and development work.

Research’s large share

The majority of publicly funded research in Sweden is carried out in HEIs. Measured in terms of monetary value, more than half of the activities at HEIs consists of research and postgraduate education.


In Sweden, HEIs collaborate with the surrounding society, the public, industry, the public sector and various organisations. Collaboration should characterise all activities.

Collaboration may involve:

  • placement or clinical components in programmes
  • teaching and research dealing with issues that are relevant to society
  • arranging career days
  • popularising research and promoting utilisation of research results
  • offering contract education and contract research.

Greater democracy

HEIs are to contribute to greater democracy, knowledge development, growth and better education.

Gender equality

HEIs are to promote gender equality and widen the participation of students. Through the development programme Gender Mainstreaming of Higher Education Institutions (JiHU), the Government has mandated that a gender equality perspective is to permeate all the activities at every HEI.