Quality assurance

We evaluate the quality of higher education and research. It is vital for students, employers and society at large that all Swedish higher education and research are of high quality. Four separate evaluations form a national system for quality assurance.

Quality assurance of higher education

The objectives of UKÄ’s reviews are to assess the performance of the study programmes and contribute to the HEIs’ work with quality improvements in higher education and research.

Institutional reviews of the HEIs' quality assurance processes

Institutional reviews aim to confirm that the quality assurance processes ensure high quality courses and programmes and help to enhance the HEIs’ quality.

Programme evaluations

The aim of programme evaluations is to monitor the programmes’ outcomes and to contribute to the higher education institution’s own quality improvements for the reviewed programmes.

Appraisal of applications for degree-awarding powers

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) decides which higher education institutions are to be entitled to award a degree.

Thematic evaluations

The purpose of thematic evaluations is to provide a better understanding and national comparisons of how various higher education institutions (HEIs) work and of achieved results in the examined theme.

International principles for quality assurance and ENQA

To build legitimacy for Swedish higher education, UKÄ has emphasised the importance of following international principles for quality assurance in our new quality assurance system.

Assessment panels and external experts

UKÄ's reviews are based on peer review by an independent external assessment panel.