International external experts and reviews in english

There is a general need to support expanded internationalisation in higher education.

Increasing use of external experts with international experience for UKÄ’s quality assurance reviews of higher education can contribute an international dimension to the development of both Swedish higher education and quality assurance processes. By ‘international experience’ UKÄ means both foreign experts who are active in Sweden or another country and Swedish experts who are or have been active in another country.

Benefits of using external experts

According to UKÄ, the benefits of using external experts with international experience are:

  • the potential to find external experts with the right competence increases, especially in small disciplinary domains
  • experts with international experience can contribute expertise that adds another dimension to the review and can help improve quality for Swedish higher education
  • experts working abroad can help increase knowledge about Swedish higher education in other countries.

Reviews in English

UKÄ’s reviews should increasingly be able to be conducted with English as the working language. UKÄ has concluded that a review can be conducted in English, but that UKÄ’s decisions are always to be written in Swedish in accordance with the requirements of the Language Act.