Monitoring efficiency

We analyse the resources used by higher education instititions (HEIs) in relationship to the outcomes of their operations.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of the operations of the higher education institutions. The Government's objective is that education and research at higher education institutions (HEIs) should maintain high international standards and be run efficiently.

The monitoring of efficiency at Swedish HEIs includes, for instance:

  • Looking at the way the higher education institutions use their resources and in particular developing ways of monitoring inactive students.
  • Developing methods of measuring developments in efficiency and productivity in as many of the sector's tasks as possible.

Involves all operations of HEI's

The area to be monitored is a large one as it involves all of the operations of the higher education institutions.

UKÄ is looking at different phenomena in the higher education sector from the point of view of efficiency. This is undertaken in different ways depending on the theme of each separate study. We mainly use existing data that we have collected as the authority is responsible for statistics.

The Government has stressed that UKÄ's assessments of efficiency should provide effective support for the work of the higher education institutions and offer Government data that can be useful for monitoring and governing the higher education sector.