Official statistics on higher education

We are appointed by the Swedish Government to be responsible for official statistics on higher education.

Official Statistics of Sweden

Our responsibilities include:

  • to ensure that the statistics are objective
  • to ensure that the statistics are documented
  • to ensure that the statistics are quality-assured

There is a distinction in Sweden between official statistics and other public statistics. Official statistics are produced according to the statistical act and ordinance and published in accordance with official regulations.

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Official Statistics Act

The Official Statistics Act states that official statistics are statistics for public information, planning and research purposes in specified areas, produced by appointed public authorities in accordance with the provisions issued by the government.

Official statistics shall be objective and made available, free of charge, to the public. Further, they are to be produced and published in a manner that protects the privacy of individuals.

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Publishing calendar

The publishing calendar of Statistics Sweden tells which official statistics on higher education that we publish, in which form and when it is published:

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