Appealing against specific decisions

It is possible to appeal against some of the decisions made by higher education institutions. The appeals are submitted to the Higher Education Appeals Board.

Appeals may be submitted to the Higher Education Appeals Board about the following decisions:

  • Decisions on appointments to posts at a higher education institution with the exception of doctoral studentships,
  • Decisions that an applicant does not fulfil the requirements for admission to first or second-cycle programmes and decisions not to waive the admission requirements in certain cases,
  • Decisions on accreditation of prior education or vocational experience,
  • Decisions to reject an application for exemption from compulsory study requirements,
  • Decisions to withdraw resources for a doctoral student´s programme and decisions not to restore resources in some cases,
  • Decisions to demand repayment of grant funding for/from a doctoral student,
  • Decisions to reject a student´s request for a degree, diploma or course certificate,
  • Decisions not to allow deferral of studies for those admitted to first or second-cycle programmes or to allow students to continue after approved leave from studies,
  • Decisions by a higher education institution to give a student association the same status as a students´ union or that a students' union will no longer have such status,
  • Certain decisions of a higher education institution that contravene the prohibition of discrimination in education or the prohibition against reprisals in the Discrimination Act,
  • Decisions concerning programmes in higher vocational education by an independent education provider on the rejection of a student´s request to be awarded a degree or course certificate,
  • Decisions concerning programmes in a higher vocational education institution or a higher education institution accountable to the state that an applicant does not meet the entry requirements for admission to the programme or decisions not to accredit prior education.

No appeal may be made against the decisions of the Higher Education Appeals Board.

To the Higher Education Appeals board

Disciplinary measure (admonitions or suspension)

Appeal may be made against the decisions by higher education institution to invoke disciplinary measures to the Administrative courts.

More information about the Administrative courts may be found on the Swedish National Courts Administration´s website

Independent education providers

Appeals against decisions made by independent education may not be submitted to the Higher Education Appeals Board.  Independent education providers may have their own regulations on how decisions may be reviewed. More information on this can be provided by the higher education institution concerned.