Complaints about higher education institutions

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) is a regulatory authority with oversight of public sector higher education institutions and with a focus on students’ rights. If you feel a higher education institution has violated a law or regulation related to higher education, you can file a complaint with us.

Before filing a complaint

Before filing a complaint with us, you must have first attempted to solve the problem with the higher education institution.

Begin by discussing the problem with your teacher. If this does not help, you can contact the course director or programme coordinator. If the problem is still unresolved, contact the head of department (or equivalent). As a final step, you can contact the vice-chancellor.

If you have not taken advantage of these opportunities to resolve the problem, UKÄ will not investigate your complaint.

If you are a student, you can contact the students’ union for help and advice. Some higher education institutions also have a student representative (ombudsman) that can provide advice and support.

UKÄ is not obligated to investigate all complaints. We determine which complaints are to be examined more closely.

  • We do not investigate anonymous complaints.
  • We do not investigate complaints about events more than two years in the past.
  • We cannot change your grades or comment on teacher assessments of your study performance.

We will not investigate the complaint if it deals with issues that are the responsibility of other public authorities. This can include such things as actions related to financial damages, labour laws and discrimination.

Other public agencies and links to their websites are available on the page “The role of other authorities”.

How do you file a complaint with UKÄ?

We recommend you use our web complaint form.

You can also submit your complaint by email or regular mail.

Email your complaint to

UKÄ’s postal address:

Swedish Higher Education Authority
Box 6024
121 06 Johanneshov

Your complaint needs to include:

  • Your name, address and telephone number.
  • The higher education institution you are submitting a complaint about.
  • A short description of the event you want to submit a complaint about. Include information on when the event occurred, what you feel the higher education institution has done wrong and the reason or reasons for your opinion.
  • A description of how you attempted to resolve the problem in dialogue with the higher education institution. Describe what actions you have taken and who you have had contact with.
  • Write the registration number (dnr) of the case if it has been registered with the higher education institution.
  • If you have documents related to the case, include copies with your complaint.

Complaints against an independent education provider

UKÄ’s supervision of independent education providers is limited since most regulations for public sector higher education institutions do not apply to independent education providers.

If you are studying at an independent higher education provider and are not satisfied with how an issue has been handled, begin by contacting the provider. Some independent education providers may have their own disciplinary boards, appeals boards, student representatives and similar.

Your complaint becomes a public document

When your complaint has been received by UKÄ, it becomes a public document that anyone can request to see.