If you feel that a higher education institution has contravened any law or any other regulation in the higher education sector you can complain to us.

Even though the authority is not a court of law that can alter the decision of the higher education institution, it can look into the event you complain about, criticise the higher education institution and ask it to account for its measures.

Before you make a complaint we would prefer you to have exhausted every possibility you have of solving the problem with the higher education institution itself. You should therefore first contact the institution by talking to the teacher who is in charge of the course or programme or to the director of studies, departmental chair or vice-chancellor. If you are a student, you can also get in touch with the students´ union for help or advice on what to do next. At some higher education institutions there are also student representatives (ombudsmän) that can be contacted for advice and support. If the problem has still not been solved, you are welcome to submit your complaint to us.

You can complain about events that concern you or someone else and you do not need to be a  Swedish citizen to make a complaint. The authority does not normally, however, look into anonymous complaints or complaints about events that occurred more than two years ago.

Before you submit your complaint, it would be a good idea to read through what a complaint should contain and what will happen to your complaint when we receive it.