What a complaint should contain

To make it possible to investigate your case as well as possible, your complaint should contain the following information:

a) your name, address and telephone number,
b) the name of the higher education institution you are complaining about,
c) a short description of what your complaint is about,
d) when the event occurred,
e) how you believe the higher education institution acted incorrectly,
f) why you think higher education institution acted incorrectly and
g) the registration number given to the case if you have already reported it to the higher education institution.

It is also a good idea to attach any documents relating to the case.  If you submit your complaint via the Internet, you can scan the documents and attach them as files.  If you submit your complaint by post, you should sign it.

A Public Document

When your complaint reaches us it will become a public document that anyone can ask to look at. The only exception from the principle of public access is when there are documents in the case that are subject to secrecy according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, which is very unusual.